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Last pinball machine for The Children of Violent Rome (1976), a little difficult recognize

This pinball machine appear in movie The Children of Violent Rome (1976), is a little difficult to recognize because the image is not clear, I capture three scenes, hope it help.
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What is this pinball machine that appeared in "The Children of Violent Rome"?

This pinball machine appeared in the movie, The Children of Violent Rome (1976): What is the model of this pinball machine?
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How did electromechanical pinball keeped score during multiball

Electromechanical pinball scoring system is based on wheels with numbers printed on them, an electromagnet that moves the wheel to the next number when activated and a mechanical device that turns the ...
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Is it possible to improve reflexes for gaming?

I've always had a reaction time measured in seconds (literally). Recently, I bought pinball arcade and was trying to learn to play it. I'm too slow to 'nudge' the table. By the time I register what's ...
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Why do pinball machines/games have a nudge/shake/bump feature?

I've been playing a lot of iPhone pinball games recently, and I've noticed that almost all pinball games have some sort of a "bump", or a "shake", or a "nudge" feature within them. I've also seen the ...
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