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Questions tagged [plants-vs-zombies]

A tower defense-style game created by PopCap Games wherein the objective is to defend your house (and brains) from waves of zombies by planting a garden of offensive and defensive plants.

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Do particular zombies have any impact on the chance to drop items/coins?

I have asked about the chances of an item being dropped in PvZ1 before, but i was wondering, do certain types of zombies have an effect on this? I was watching a speedrun of the game, and when they ...
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How do I read PVZ Endless Mode Sequences?

A lot of PvZ endless strategies have a description in the form of a sequence to make it easier to understand. A sequence might be C2: I-N | I-AA' or something like that. I've got the basic ...
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PVZ1 GOTY does not start (Compatibility Issues)

I've been trying to play PVZ1's GOTY (Game of the Year) version, but I'm currently unable to do so. After opening the .exe file, the game opens, fullscreens for a few seconds and then doesn't display, ...
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I finished Plants Vs Zombies but I didn't get the trophy or unlock Survival?

I want to play Survival but it didn't unlock when I killed Dr. Zomboss. Do I need to do adventure mode again or something else? I've tried to do it on another account but that didn't work either.
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PvZ Zen garden snail money making exploit on iPhone

This page on IGN about Plants vs Zombies iPad Cheats says: Go to your Zen Garden when most or all plants need watering. Once they are all watered and gleaming, give Stinky chocolate and then leave ...
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