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PlayStation Move is a motion sensing game controller for the PlayStation 3 game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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Can I use a PS4 Playstation Move controller on a PS3?

A friend gifted me a game and I don't have a move controller. I tried to buy one, but they told me that the move controller for ps3 is out of production now. Can I use a PS4 Playstation Move ...
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Does the Playstation 4 Camera work on the PS3?

My PS Eye (PS3) just fell off the TV and smacked the ground hard, now its not working. Where I live the PS Eye is a lot more expensive than the PS4 version, could I just grab the PS4 Camera for use on ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Does the Playstation Move 'Wand' work with the PS4 camera?

I've read that Playstation 4 supports PS3 Move controllers. But what does this actually mean? Does the PS3 camera (aka PS eye, aka PS Move camera) work with PS4? If I own the PS4 camera but not the ...
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Entering cheats for Just Dance 3 on Playstation Move?

How do I enter the cheat code on Just Dance 3 for Playstation Move if there are no buttons that can be used to enter the code?
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Will Canadian Motion Controller work in EU PS3?

I have a European PS3 but I'm going to Canada in a couple days and wanted to know if the motion controllers from US will work on my PS3. They are A LOT cheaper there and in Portugal is nowhere easy to ...
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3 votes
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One Move Controller for 2 players?

Can you play some games like bowling and Sports Champion on ps3 with 1 controller for 2 people by passing the move controller around? UPDATE After buying Brunswick Pro Bolwing myself, i learned that ...
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1 answer

Using PS3 Navigation Controller on PC

How can I use the PS3 Navigation Controller on PC? I want to substitute WASD with the Navigator to play FPS. I think it can be more ergonomic.
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How many move controllers do you need to play Playstation Sports Champions?

Just bought the whole Eye/Move rig for Socom. I'd like to get this Sports Champions game (I guess the PS3 version if Wii Sports). When you are playing with multiple people can you pass the move ...
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10 votes
3 answers

PS3 games that fully supports move

Where can I find an updated list of Sony Playstation 3 games that fully supports Move. With fully I mean games that has been developed with Move in mind.
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7 votes
5 answers

Is PS3 with Move an alternative to Wii?

My girlfriend tried the Wii during holidays and she told me that she liked play Wii Sports game. Now I would prefer to buy the PS3 with Move because I think I can use it more, not only for Move-based ...
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PS3 Move not very responsive in The Fight

I have problem with this game, I can jab ok(no great, but ok) with a pad, but move is useless. When I throw strikes its like im trying to hit an angel. i need to aim down, but even then most strike ...
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2 answers

What are my options for motion control on the three consoles?

What are my options for motion control on the three consoles? What are the pros and cons of each motion control system on the Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3?
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1 answer

What are the advantages of PS3 Move?

If someone has tried this out, I would like to know the response times etc. I really loved Heavy Rain and wanted to buy this for my second play through.
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