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a 2013 microconsole based on the PS Vita by Sony - built for playing Vita games on a TV. Questions should pertain to the PS TV, it's features and settings or a game feature (or issue) unique to the PS TV.

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Does EVERY brand new PlayStation TV ship with 3.60 firmware or lower?

I know, the reason I'm asking this seems pretty obvious, but please ignore it. Let's say I'd like to know if every brand new (not used) PlayStation TV that is shipped by a reliable reseller (one that ...
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Bluetooth Audio with Playstation TV

So, my family competes for TV time a lot. So, I bought a playstation TV to use to stream remote play to my PC monitor. That works great, except I can't get any sound. None of my ordinary bluetooth ...
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Port Forwarding for Playstation TV

I really want my PSTV to work well and I can't seem to find any instructions online in regard to port forwarding or anything else that will improve my connection. I have my PS4 connected with a LAN ...
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Are Vita TV and PlayStation TV compatible?

I have a Vita TV but have moved to a region where it is called PlayStation TV. Previously you could only use Asia PSN accounts with Vita TV. Now that it has launched globally, are the devices now ...
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What games can the Vita TV (PlayStation TV) play?

Since it's out in Japan, there should be some facts on what it can play. Can it play: PSN-only games? (Tokyo Jungle, etc) PSP games on PSN? (Dissidia Final Fantasy, etc) All Vita games? (Bullet Girls,...
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Game compatibility list?

Is there a full list of Vita games compatible with the Vita TV? I have looked on , but it doesn't seem to be correct e.g. Disgaea 3 ...
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