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A 2016 Pokemon clone based on the Rick & Morty cartoon on Adult Swim, developed by Big Pixel Studios, for iOS and Android.

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How long do de/buffs last in Pocket Mortys?

In Pocket Mortys, there are attacks that either buff the player or de-buff the opponent, but it's unclear how long they last. There are some cases I'm curious about - particularly what events "wipe" ...
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How can I know who starts the turn?

In a battle you usually attack first, but sometimes your enemy takes the first turn, and sometimes it changes back to you being the first. What's the logic behind it?
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How big is the damage bonus/malus for sensational and pathetic attacks?

I'm trying to decide between unlearning Slam (a 45 power rock-type attack) or Flail (a 65 power neutral attack) on my Unkempt Morty in order to learn Drop Out (a 65 power rock-type attack). How big is ...
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Is there any limit to my power?

Since Pocket Mortys is similar to Pokémon, does it have the same level 100 maximum? Also, is there a limit to how many buffs (+Attack, +Defense, +Speed) I can put on one character? If there isn't, can'...
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Do Mortys have extra defense against their own type?

If I'm fighting a Scruffy Morty, who is a rock type, it would be best to use a paper type Morty, such as Ad Morty or Blue Shirt Morty. If I'm all out of paper types, or don't have any, would it be ...
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How do I get a dazed Morty to recover?

I was wandering around the first portal after the Citadel of Ricks and was stingy with serum before fights. Now one of my Mortys is dazed. I tried to heal him with Serum, but it says that I "can't ...
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What are the Pocket Mortys crafting recipes?

What are the crafting recipes available in Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys?
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Is there a way to get additional Morty Manipulator Chips before leaving the Citadel?

The game is relatively new, so I'm not sure if anyone will be able to answer yet, Is there any way to obtain additional Morty Manipulator Chips (the in-game equivalent of a Pokeball) before leaving ...
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