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Pokémon Conquest is a role playing strategy game for the Nintendo DS. The game is a crossover between the Pokémon and Nobunaga's Ambition video game series.

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Can the Japanese version be played in English?

Can the Japanese version of Pokémon Conquest be played in English (via a setting menu or something)? Or can that version of Pokémon Conquest only be played in the Japanese language?
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Should you recruit every trainer in Pokemon Conquest?

In Pokemon Conquest, it seems like you have the ability to recruit around 5-7 people per town (early game). Some trainers appear to have pretty terrible stats and skills compared to others. Is there ...
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Why won't Gurdurr evolve in conquest?

I want all of my Pokemon evolve for my battle with Nobunaga. I looked at an evolution guide and it told me to have link at 60%, and have the final hit on a warrior's Pokemon. I already had the link at ...
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What is the Font Used in Pokemon Conquest?

What's the font used in Pokemon Conquest's dialogue? More specifically, since I assume it's some proprietary font compiled in the game, where have I seen it before? It looked extremely familiar as ...
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Taming more than one Pokémon per battle?

I am considering using the Eevee password in Pokémon Conquest to get more of them for my hero. As this password unleashes a swarm of Eevee, is it possible to link with more than one Pokémon per battle?...
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