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How do I find which team has a piece of Gear equipped?

In Pokémon Masters EX, I have a piece of 1* Gear that I'd like to get rid of, as I now have the equivalent 3* Gear of that type. However, the Gear is showing as "On Team" and won't let me ...
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1 answer

What different moves can Professor Oak's Mew learn?

Pokémon Masters recently added Professor Oak as a playable character, with a Mew as his Sync Partner. One of their Passive Skills is "Oak's Research", for which the description is: Replaces some of ...
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What do the different role icons backgrounds mean?

I've gathered a few strike-role trainers. Some have smooth backgrounds and others are jagged. Is there a functional difference between the two? Do the other roles have variations?
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Is there any advantage in pulling 10?

In Pokemon Masters, there is the safe mechanic as in all Gatcha games, where you can pull 1 or 10 at the same time. But usually, in these games theres advantages in pulling 10; something extra or a ...
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