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Pokemon Quest is a free to play game for Nintendo Switch

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How Does Learning Moves Work in Pokemon Quest?

I've been playing pokemon quest recently, and I've been trying to give my starter better moves. it currently has Scratch and Fire Spin, a "close range" and a "long-range" move. I am concerned about ...
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Does a Pokemon's Attack stat affect the Pokemon's move damage?

Pokemon moves have their own move power to determine their damage output. But does the Pokemon's Attack stat affect the damage dealt from moves, or does it only affect normal damage without affecting ...
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In Pokémon quest I have a white star next to my slowpoke, what does the white star mean?

What does a white star in Pokémon quest mean?
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What does it mean when my Pokemon has a exclamation mark over them during battle?

Sometimes when I'm in battle, an exclamation mark appears over my the Pokemon in my team: I see it most frequently during the final boss fight of level 10-5, against the three Dodrios. What does ...
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Pokemon Quest: Purchases carried over?

What happens to in-app purchases if I delete the Pokemon quest app, redownload it, and start a new game?
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How do types work in Pokemon Quest?

We know that your team gains bonus Team Strength when including Pokemon of specific type whilst exploring areas weak to that type. However, each Pokemon has moves with different types too (e.g ...
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Can you add friends on Pokemon Quest mobile?

Is the mobile version of Pokemon Quest purely single player?
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Do the decoration multipliers stack?

In Pokemon Quest, decorations acquired provide a bonus, whether they are set out at your camp or not. What's unclear to me is, do decoration bonuses stack? For example, the Dodrio Tent effect is "Size ...
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What does a "bingo" do?

In Pokemon Quest for Nintendo Switch you can achieve a bingo. When a Pokemon has three slots filled in a row (not on a diagonal) with stones, you get a certain bonus. But what bonus? The text ...
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