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The first generation of Pokémon games released by Nintendo for the Game Boy. It refers mainly to Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Red and Pokemon Yellow.

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Are some glitches corrected on the virtual console version of old games like Pokemon red/blue/yellow

Based on the previous games realesed on the virtual console from old Nintendo platforms like Game Boy. Does anyone know if a known glitch or exploit on the original game were fixed on the new ...
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Is money finite in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow?

Battling and defeating trainers, and selling found items are the only sources of income, right? So once all trainers are defeated, you could have all the money in the game and squander it on, say, ...
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20 votes
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Does MISSINGNO. actually destroy saved game files?

The effects of the MISSINGNO. glitch in Pokemon Red and Blue have well-documented at many sources. Encountering MISSINGNO. corrupts Hall of Fame data, causes temporary graphics glitches, and sets the ...
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Which of the original 151 Pokemon learn moves AS they are evolving?

In Pokemon Red and Blue, which Pokemon learn moves at the same level at which they evolve? or Which Pokemon (limited to the original 151) learn moves as they simultaneously evolve? Originally ...
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Can you trade from Pokemon Red on GBA to Pokemon gold on virtual console?

I have a Game Boy Advance SP and Pokemon Red GEN 1, and I'm curious if it is possible for me to trade a Pokemon from Red to the Virtual Console release of Pokemon Gold on the 3DS
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How do you find the glitch Pokemon MissingNo in Pokemon Red/Blue?

Back when I played pokemon Red/Blue edition there was a glitch where you went down to the edge of an island in the ocean and you would surf on the water up and down the edge of the island and you ...
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What sort of hardware was used to transfer Mew at Pokemon Red & Blue worldwide events?

Many years ago when Pokemon Red / Blue was immensely popular, I attended a Pokemon tour in Melbourne. For attending you got a showbag with a Pikachu trading card (with a gold logo stamped in the top ...
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Do the Virtual Console Pokémon games use the original IV/EV system, or the revised system introduced in gen III?

As per the title, do the VC Red / Blue / Yellow releases use the original system (used for gen I & II), or the modern one (used for gen III onwards)? I suspect it's been updated to use the modern ...
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What's the fastest (earliest) way to catch Mew in Pokemon Blue/Red?

Multiple glitches for catching Mew without a GameShark have been discovered in the past 20+ years. Of these, which is the fastest (meaning, which one catches Mew the earliest in the game), and how is ...
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How can I transfer the 'Mew Glitch' Mew to Pokebank?

I recently got the glitched mew in Pokemon Yellow on the Virtual console but cannot transfer it. I read that you need to make some changes to it using homebrew, but I have not used that before and ...
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Lowest possible Pokemon level to beat Lorelei in Pokémon Red/Blue?

Since the AI in Pokémon Red/Blue was programmed to always use a "super effective" type attack, and Lorelei's lead-Pokémon Dewgong knows Rest (Psychic), which does no damage, this screams for setting ...
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