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The first generation of Pokémon games released by Nintendo for the Game Boy. It refers mainly to Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Red and Pokemon Yellow.

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What evidence shows that Mr. Fuji is the same person as Dr. Fuji?

A common fan theory about the generation 1 games is that Team Rocket's actions were all I cannot recall the details, but I recall that this theory hinges on Mr. Fuji and Dr. Fuji being the same ...
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Hall of fame data corrupted without MissingNo? Pokemon Stadium can't find saved files

I have Pokemon Blue (French version) I got 151 pkmn by catching / trading (MissingNo doesn't work in French version) the hall of fame data is still glitched and Pokémon Stadium can't find my save, why?...
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Is it possible to trade Pokemon from a first gen cart/ROM to the 3DS Virtual Console?

I have found a tool that explains older generations to new generations through ROMs, but I'm not able to find information on doing a direct trade. I'm looking to get Pokémon from my ROM version of ...
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