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Poker Night at the Inventory is a 2010 poker video game developed by Telltale Games for Windows and Mac OS X. It features crossover characters from other video game series and gives the opportunity to win items for Team Fortress 2 by knocking out people at certain times.

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How much is each type of chip worth in Poker Night At The Inventory?

Soon I'm going to be getting custom Poker chips printed and since I love the Poker Night games I would like to have my chips worth the same as the chips in the Poker Night games. All I can remember is ...
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Can the characters wager in with collateral items more than once?

Each of the characters have a signature item that they may 'buy-in' with at the start of a tournament. Knocking them out will earn you that item as a playable/wearable item in Team Fortress 2. Is it ...
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How to get Poker Night at the Inventory's "Slow Play" achievement?

I have been playing Poker Night at the Inventory for some six hours now, and I cannot figure out how to get the Slow Play achievement. The description, "Check a pat hand" is vague to say the least. ...
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Are the Poker Night games rigged?

I've played poker in real life and I've played Poker Night at the Inventory (but not Poker Night 2). I have the feeling that the Poker Night engine manipulates the deck to give players a more ...
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Can I backup my Poker Night at the Inventory data for use on other systems? If so, how?

Since Poker Night at the Inventory isn't a Steam Cloud game, I want to back up my data for use on my laptop when away from home. Is this possible? Note: If it helps, I have both Mac and PC systems.
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Do the players in Poker Night at the inventory have built in "tells"?

I'm just wondering if the players in this game exhibit "tells" that I should be paying attention to in order to have a strategic advantage when I play, or if it is relatively random. Any feedback on ...
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What is the difference between normal and hard?

As far as I can see the rewards are the same? does the AI play differently, are the cards rigged?
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Can you earn money other than $50,000?

If I were to quit a game halfway though would I earn the money I have or would I just loose $10,000? In other words, can I cut my losses and run?
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When do they bet items in poker night?

Are there special requirements for the characters to bet their items? I have yet to get one.
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