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How to recruit sailors?

Maybe I missed that part of the tutorial but I cannot find the place where I can hire sailors for my convoy. Please, can you indicate me how to do it?
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2 votes
1 answer

Losing lots of money

I have completed the adventure campaign, i have got port royale, tampa, port st joe, corpus cristi and roatan up and running but i am losing so much money, i am paying out more costs than i am gaining....
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1 answer

Starting off: Adventurer or Trader

When I start Port Royale, I have two different campaigns to choose from: Adventurer or Trader. What are the differences between these campaigns? Do they play differently? Is one harder or easier ...
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How to build an effective trade route?

In Port Royale 3, how can I earn much money by setting up an effective trade route? Is there a certain combination of cities that is especially profitable? Should you rather create smaller ...
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