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a series of first-person puzzle platforming games by developer Valve. Use this tag for questions about characters, locations or events that span multiple games in the Portal series. The games are based in the same universe as the Half Life franchise

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Why didn't GLaDOS kill Chell?

GLaDOS said to Chell (Portal’s player character) that killing her is hard. GLaDOS is supposedly more powerful than Chell, and she had the chance to kill Chell so many times, like: She could've killed ...
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Why did GLaDOS have an Anger Core?

A rewatch of the Portal | Cracks in the System video essay got me thinking – why did GLaDOS have an Anger Core? If I understand correctly, the cores were installed to affect GLaDOS’ behaviour [1]. The ...
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Corruption of GLaDOS

Playing Portal 2, I'm at the place where Wheatley and Chell disassembles GLaDOS. So it's pretty much after cutting of her neurotoxin generator and crippling her turret production. When Chell ...
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What year does Portal and its sequel, Portal 2, take place in?

Can anyone confirm a date or a time period that Portal and subsequently Portal 2 take place in? It's probable that Portal 1 takes place in around the modern day, but I couldn't find a date for when ...
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Is there a purpose to all the testing in Portal?

There are billions of dollars thrown at the wall to see what sticks in the test chambers of the Portal Franchise. Lots of testers, thousands of cubes, a sadistic robot, all of it to be used in the ...
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In Portal games, do you always exit a portal at a right angle to its surface?

Please help settle a debate between a group of friends. In Portal games, is exit velocity always normal to the portal surface being exited? More importantly: please offer some kind of undeniable ...
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Is the name "Chell", "GLaDOS", or "Wheatley" ever explicitly stated?

Other than "GLaDOS" being printed on one of the rings above her cores in Portal (not even sure if it appears in Portal 2 due to the reskin), is "GLaDOS" ever spoken in either game? Wheatley simply ...
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Is there an in-universe reason for why portals don't work on black walls?

In-game, black walls serve to keep puzzles from being too simple by restricting where the player can place portals. However, I'm curious to know if a more in-universe reason is ever given for why ...
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Why is 'Salt Asbestos Curtain' the Aperture Science motto?

I've been looking at some valve swag and noticed the company motto (?) on top of the Aperture Science logo. Why is "Salt Asbestos Curtain" the company motto?
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Half-Life / Portal Story Loophole? [closed]

Ok, so Black Mesa and Aperture Science were competing to discover and develop portal technology along with getting government funds. This "competition rush" caused the Black Mesa Incident and the ...
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Were there other test subjects alive in Portal?

I know that there were no other test subjects alive in Portal 2 (excluding the ones in the co-op), but were there other test subjects alive in Portal? You never see them or anything that would suggest ...
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Is Chell an android?

I have played through Portal and found several references that somewhat point to the fact that Chell may be an android. GlaDOS says "Well done android..." and "Android Hell is a real place where you ...
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Do I have 'health'?

In Portal (and Portal 2), I can get hurt by lasers, bullets, etc. Do I have a finite amount of health that is depleted every time I get singed, or is it a case of sustaining damage for a continuous ...
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What is GLaDOS's name an acronym for?

I remember reading somewhere that the name "GLaDOS" is short for something but it didn't say what. Does anyone know what "GLaDOS" is short for?
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How to enable trajectory lines in Portal 2? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Turning on Aerial Faith Plate trajectory display? I want to see the trajectory lines mentioned in developers commentary (youtube link) in Portal 2; developers used them to ...
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Skeletons in portal 2?

In the Lab Rat comic, The Rattman puts Chell on the list to be the first one that gets to be tested. In portal 2, when wheatley takes over, he puts you through the test chambers GLaDOS made. He also ...
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History of Half-Life Science

Are there any stories that go deeper into these the histories and purposes of locations like Black Mesa and Aperture?
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Is Cave Johnson Chell's Father? [closed]

About around the time of the Portal 2 Announcement ARG, to the best of my knowledge it had become well established that Cave Johnson was Chell's father (with the latter being abducted by GLaDOS on ...
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Should I play Portal before Portal 2?

I've looked at several videos of Portal 2 and am interested in buying it. The problem is that I've never played the original Portal, the first game of the series. Should I play Portal before ...
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How much time has passed between the events in Portal 1 and 2?

At the start of Portal 2, it's clear that time has passed. You've been woken up every few months for physical and mental fitness tests, until something goes wrong and you're left in stasis for much ...
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What are the connections between Portal series plot and Half-Life series plot?

I heard a lot of rumors about Portal series and Half-Life series plots relation but I didn't found any link. Can you describe which relations exists between this two stories?
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Who is the character you play in Portal?

The character you play in Portal is never named throughout the game. I can see that it's a female by looking through a portal, but the game always skirts any information about the character (e.g. ...
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