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Questions tagged [pro-evolution-soccer-2010]

9th edition of soccer video games developed and published by Konami

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What criteria make for good Mii coaches on Champion's Road?

In PES 2010 on the Wii, you can train Miis for your team. In doing so, you choose 2 players from your team as coaches and once chosen you are given a "compatibility rating" out of 3. What do you need ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What tricks are possible when playing PES 2010 on a keyboard?

I have been playing PES 2010 for a long time now, but being a hardcore PC gamer I never really got to grips with a gamepad. I am much better playing with a keyboard, but it seems that to do some of ...
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Making players switch sides

My Master League team has 2 good left backs, and no good right backs. Is there a way I can train one of them to play on the right? (At the moment, they both suck in that position). Do I up their ...
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Are there any tips or tricks for defending in PES2010?

What are the best tips/tricks for defending when playing PES on XBOX?
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