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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is an association football (Soccer for Americans) video game developed and published by Konami with production assistance from the Blue Sky Team.

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How to play every matches of a fixture in PES 2012?

In PES 2012 for PS2, I have played every single game of all fixtures of LaLiga which is nearly 380 matches. However in the PES 2012 PC version, I can only select a team and play only with that team. ...
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Use phone keyboard to control PES on Android phone?

I installed Pro Evolution Soccer on my Android phone but I can't find any setting to change the game control method to keyboard instead of the touch screen. Is it possible to phone keyboard to ...
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Blue screen of death while playing PES 2012?

While playing PES 2012 suddenly after a goal all players turned black I paused the game after a minute or something the game started repeating the same par of sound then it showed a BSOD (blue screen ...
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Does PES 2012 (PC) support 4 players in local multiplayer?

I'd like to use four XBox 360 controllers to play with friends (local/offline). Is it possible?
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More than 4 players on PES

Is there a way (perhaps by a patch) to add more than four players using joysticks on PES 2011 or 2012. It's for PC. Thanks in advance.
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How to turn fake players off in PES 2012 Master League mode?

I've already managed to "unlock" well hidden option to actually have real players in Master League mode, but the fake (made up by Konami) players are still there and are even suggested when you for ...
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How are the ranking points decided for a win/draw/loss over PES 2012 online quick matches?

Sometimes I win and get 8 points, sometimes I get 10, etc. The worst thing is, sometimes I draw and lose points while the opponent gains some. It was brought to my attention that the teams you've ...
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Is there any good tactic to winning air balls?

I've been playing PES for a while, and PES2012 since it came out. I wondered, is there a good tactic to winning air balls (like when goalkeeper kicks a long ball, or just in general), or am I limited ...
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