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Questions tagged [psone-classics]

a series of Playstation 1 games released for purchase & download on the Playstation Store for Playstation 3, PS Vita and PS Portable. Questions should pertain to 'PS One Classics' features specifically. For questions about a specific game, use the game's tag instead.

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1 answer

Do PSone Classics have trophies?

I'm seriously considering getting the PSOne Classics edition of Final Fantasy Origins, but I'm just wondering: Do PSOne Classics releases have trophies? Thanks!
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How can I get a save file from a PSOne game (played at PS3), into my PS Vita?

I played a lot of PSOne games in my PS3, and have in mind to get a PS Vita to play them again, so I want to know if I can reuse my FF VIII save data, or I have to play the game again, for example. ...
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4 votes
1 answer

PSP to PSVita PSOne Classic savefile: Cannot access the memory card

I've read that for transferring a PSP save to Vita, you must copy the folder of the game you want from PSP/SAVEDATA to the PSGAME folder where you set the PSVita's ContentManager to be. So I tried ...
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Play PSOne games with analog sticks on the PSVita

I'd like to use the analog sticks of the PSVita when playing PSOne games but don't know how to do this. Does anyone have an idea?
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3 answers

What happens to free games obtained through PlayStation Plus after it expires?

I bought a three months membership for PlayStation Plus some time ago. This membership has already expired. While it was active, I got the classic PSOne Resident Evil titles for free. Will I be able ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Does the Vita's backwards compatibility with PSP games extend to PS1 games?

Specifically, those purchased legally through the PSN Store. It seems like it should, but I can't find a definitive answer anywhere.
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3 answers

Can a PSP play PSOne Classics from PSN (e.g., Final Fantasy VII)?

I'm thinking about getting a second hand PSP, the original one with UMD Drive. I just noticed that the PSN Store has many PSOne classics (like Final Fantasy VII and IX), but I wonder if that works on ...
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Can I use my PSOne memory card saves on digital copies downloaded from PSN?

I was wondering if is it possible to use my original PSOne saved games (in particular, from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and Tactics) on the digital games downloaded from the PlayStation Store. ...
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