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*Puzzle Quest* (subtitled *Challenge of the Warlords*) is a "match 3" style puzzle game with a heavy overlay of role-playing elements such as equipment and spells. It was released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, and was later ported to many other systems. There are two sequels - Puzzle Quest: Galactrix and Puzzle Quest 2 - but this tag is only for the original *Challenge of the Warlords*.

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How do I beat Bane, the final boss?

When I reached Bane, I did all the sidequests, reached level 50, had decent equipment, had two conquered towns, all allies and a decent mount... ...and I failed miserably 3 times trying to kill him. ...
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Does Puzzle Quest on PlayStation 4 include the "Revenge of the Plague Lord" expansion?

I really loved playing Puzzle Quest back when it was released, and noticed that the PlayStation 4 version was on sale this week so was considering re-buying it. There was an expansion made for the ...
3 votes
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How do I force a game to download saves Puzzle Quest from the Steam Cloud?

I have Puzzle Quest on Steam, and it supports Steam Cloud. I know that I had a save file in this game, but when I installed it and tried to play it, I did not have my saved game. I tried to uncheck ...
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Is it possible to skip battles when travelling in Puzzle Quest 1?

I've been playing Puzzle Quest 1 for a while now but I noticed that random battles along the road take a lot of time while I would like to continue just playing my quests. Is there a way to skip them? ...
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Fix for Puzzle Quest Interface for Wii

The UI for Puzzle Quest on Wii seems to flake out a lot, selecting the wrong thing, not selecting where your pointer is. Is there anything that can help out with this, like upgrading to the new Wii-...
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How does difficulty work in Puzzle Quest?

What exactly is changed in the game engine when I change, say, from 'Normal' to 'Easy'? Does it influence spell research minigame?
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