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Questions tagged [quake-2]

Quake II is a first person shooter developed by id Software and released for PC in November 1997.

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Did Quake 2 come out in Denmark two days before the USA?

In The Warez Song by Mark Borle, one lyric states that "Quake 2 came out in Denmark two days before the USA" Is this true?
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Differences between strafe jumping in Quake series?

In Quake 1-3, what is the difference between strafe jumping between them? Do they keep the same vector summation overshoot from Quake 1, or does each engine/game vary?
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Did I kill my brother with a bug or an extremely lucky shot?

I was playing Quake 2 with my brother on the edge map. I had run from weapon to weapon finding they were all gone. Finally, I was able to pick up a super shotgun and some shells and made it into the ...
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Quake 2 network problem on localhost

In a bout of nostalgia I installed Quake 2 again a few weeks ago and started playing through it, one level at a time in the evenings. Yesterday thought a weird problem started. When I load my single-...
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How can I use a widescreen resolution in KMQuake2?

I recently tried KMQuake2 (Knightmare Quake II) and it works very well for playing Quake 2. However, it doesn't support widescreen resolutions (16:9), like 1920 x 1080 - it only supports 4:3 ...
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Is there any option for natively playing Quake 2 on OS X 10.7 and above?

How can I play natively Quake 2 on OS X 10.7 or above?
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Changing speed of the player by custom bound keys

I'm trying to bind keys for making a huge jump and walking faster. I added the following code in "autoexec.cfg" file: alias "+fasterwalk" "cl_forwardspeed 640; +forward" alias "+fastforward" ...
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Is Quake II free now?

Is the full version of Quake II free now? If so, where can I find it - I don't see it available on ID's site, even in the Store section. I see that there's a GPL source available. And I recall ID ...
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Which level designer created the map Q2DM1 on Quake 2?

Just curious to know which level designer created the map Q2DM1 on Quake 2.
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In Quake, what's the difference between Armour and Health?

Obviously when your health is 100 you can't pick up any more (normal) health, but you can add armour. But do they act different against damage? Or is armour just extended health? When you've hit ...
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What is the best way to deal with spawncampers?

While playing some multiplayer FPSs, I sometimes run into spawn campers (for those of you who don't know, this is camping at a spawn point and killing players before they have a chance to react). At ...
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SZ_GetSpace overflow in Paintball 2

When I try to start a match in Digital Paint: Paintball 2 I get a huge amount of error messages after I click 'Start Game'. The error message is: SZ_GetSpace: overflow WARNING: msg overflowed for ...
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Playing Quake 1/2 on Linux?

What should I get, and from where, to be able to play first and second Quake, on Linux, in single-player mode?
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