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Quake III Arena (also Quake 3, Q3A, Q3) is a first person shooter developed by id software and released in 1999. It is the third game in the Quake series, and the first in the series to exclude the standard single-player elements of the game and focus on online play.

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Differences between strafe jumping in Quake series?

In Quake 1-3, what is the difference between strafe jumping between them? Do they keep the same vector summation overshoot from Quake 1, or does each engine/game vary?
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How to enable Quake 3 Arena cheats from command line

I'm running Quake 3 Arena on Linux Mint 19 by means of the ioquake3 engine 1.36+u20180108~dfsg-2. I purchased the CD years ago and I am using the game data from that (using package game-data-packager)....
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Quake 3 Arena LAN between OS X and Windows

We're trying to have a LAN party, I'm on a El Capitan (10.11.3) Mac and my fellows are on PCs with Windows. Now, when they host, there's nothing I see and I'm not able to connect with \connect ip-...
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How do I play Quake 3 online with my bro in another city?

I bought Quake 3 from Steam and my bro did the same. We want to play together but it just does not seem that easy. I tried to create a game through the game menu "create" gave the game a ...
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