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Total size of Real Racing 3 Android

What's the total size of Real Racing 3 on Android? It says on there that it's 43MB, but when I install the apk, it still downloads on startup.
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Will the SRT Viper be enough to win the Supercar Masters Series

In the Supercar Masters Series I can chose (among others) between the SRT Viper GTS and an Audi R8 V10. Without any upgrades, the Viper performs best. But the Audi has a higher initial performance ...
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Racing profitably with expensive cars in Real Racing 3

I've completed about 50% of Real Racing 3, own 29 cars and my driver level is 72. As I progress towards the series with the really slick (and expensive) cars, I'm starting to notice I'm making hardly ...
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Adding Friends on Different Platforms to Real Racing 3

I'm using the Android version (Jelly Bean/Nexus 7) of EA Real Racing 3, and my friend is on the iOS version. He keeps sending me invites, and when I accept them from facebook, it keeps sending me to ...
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Does damaging your car affect your performance right away?

The game suggests repairing your car to avoid performance loss after the race but it's not clear whether it affects it right away.
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Is there a strategy for endurance races?

I haven't had any trouble getting 1st place on the Endurance challenges in Real Racing 3 up until now. I'm playing the "Maplethorpe Tyres Precision Driving" Endurance event, and for some reason I can'...
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