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Resident Evil 5 is a survival horror third person shooter game developed and published by Capcom for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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How do I play split screen in the Nintendo Switch Resident Evil 5 demo?

I've seen people playing local coop in split screen with Resident Evil 5. How do you do it in the Nintendo Switch demo?
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Resident evil 5 saving blonde girl at the first chapter

Is there a way to save her,she got dragged by zombie and i tried to shot the zombie but nothing happen.I just want to make sure if she cant be saved.
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Resident Evil 5 Infinite Golden Egg

Playing Resident Evil 5 on the PS4, I came across a couple of people who have infinite gold eggs. I was able to acquire a golden egg from one of them, originally intending to get the trophy for ...
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Do RE5: Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape story DLCs have to be completed in one sitting?

Lost in Nightmares seems to only use checkpoints, in Resident Evil series those haven't traditionally been save points but locations to restart from after failure state. Is this how Desperate Escape ...
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In RE5 what is the best order to upgrade your weapons?

In Resident Evil 5, I am looking for the best weapons to update for the first playthrough and what should I upgrade in further playthrough. My goal is to max the game in the most efficient way, ...
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How to get rid of black bars when playing SplitScreen Mode?

Even on a standard 4:3 SD TV, the black bars on the sides appears, eating a little of screen space. Is there anyway for me to make the split screen top and bottom fill the screen?
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What does the "Attack Reaction" setting mean?

When choosing to continue your game, there are two settings it gives you: Co-Op Settings and Attack Reaction. The description for the Attack Reaction option is as follows: Partner [will/will not] ...
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How to make many points in no time?

How can I make many points quickly to spend them for extras? Is there a particular kind of gameplay that brings many points? I have played the whole story on the easiest mode so far (just finished 5 ...
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How do I engage in hand to hand combat?

I'm not sure I understand how to get into hand to hand combat in RE5. It seems that I occasionally get a hint to press F and make hooks, but other than that and the machete, I don't see a way to just ...
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What are those glowing blue shields in Resident Evil 5 for?

They're hidden, and usually out of reach. When you shoot them they shatter but what does it get you? Any sort of bonus or is just for an achievement?
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