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Why did Ada in the Resident Evil series come back after dying in Resident Evil 2?

The deaths just don't make any sense. Are there any explanations for the bizarre events? (Ada died in two different cutscenes, both different ends, and returned in RE6!) (Steve died in Code Veronica ...
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Why is the game series called Resident Evil? [closed]

I have always pondered about the title's meaning. Does anybody know anything?
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2 answers

What Resident Evil games are in the main series

I just completed the 4th resident evil game. Now I am on a bit of a Resident Evil hype and want to play more games. Something that bothered me was not understanding all the relations that characters ...
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Who is higher in ranking and authority in "Resident Evil", Chief Irons, or Albert Wesker?

In the remakes of Resident Evil and the originals as well, S.T.A.R.S. is also part of the Raccoon City police department, even having their own office. However, seeing how they are their own ...
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Who repaired the window in the Raccoon City Police Department between RE3 and RE2?

Jill was supposedly in the police department before Leon and Claire arrived in town, yet the window Nemesis broke was somehow repaired in RE2, so did somebody come along and fix the window while ...
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