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Resonance of Fate is an RPG by tri-ace for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, published by Square Enix. The story revolves around 3 adventurers who live in the giant clockwork tower of Basel.

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What are the methods for gaining Bezels in battle?

From what I understand, you gain Bezels from killing enemies and shooting off parts, but when I performed a Heroic Action while fighting a bunch of Fat Gangsters (basic jump over them during my run ...
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5 votes
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Best End-Game Guns and Character Setup?

What is the ideal character setup and which weapons should each character use before end game of the first play through? I figure with multiple times through the game you can probably just amass a ...
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What are efficient sources of colored energy hexes throughout the game?

In Resonance of Fate, you can get colored hexes primarily as a drop from human enemies or as a bonus prize after specific overworld battles. Once you figure out where to get each drop, it becomes not ...
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