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a 2001 first-person shooter by Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software. Set during WWII in 1943, you are sent to investigate increasing activities undertaken by the SS Paranormal Division. It was re-released on Steam in 2007.

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Was return to castle wolfenstein ever released in Germany or Austria?

In countries were any type of Nazi imagery is outright banned how did a game like Return to castle Wolvenstein ever see a release?
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Is it possible to get the Return to Castle Wolfenstein prequel maps on the PC?

In the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game, (Subtitled Operation Resurrection and Tides of War respectively), There are a few Prequel missions based in a small town and ancient catacombs in Egypt. ...
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Is there any benefit to collecting treasure in Return to Castle Wolfenstein?

I remember in the original Wolfenstein 3D treasure counted towards your score, as did kills, and at certain amounts you could get an extra life. Since Doom, the idea of "lives" in id games has gone ...
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