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Risen is a single-player fantasy action role-playing game from 2009 for PC (Windows) and X-box 360. The game takes place on the island of Farange, a fictitious volcanic, mediterranean island, after a series of temples have risen from its ground.

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How do I read documents in Risen 1?

I'm playing the Windows GOG release of Risen with keyboard, mouse and controller. I have received a list from Master Belschwur with names of people I should be healing. But I can't open the list to ...
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Am I missing something that changed the controls for the first Risen on Xbox 360?

I recently purchased Risen with the Black Friday sales, I had never played the series but I've been at least vaguely interested in it for a while. I've played a bit of the game and started enjoying ...
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How to predict various opponents' attacks?

Rage-filled Rant I've recently started playing Risen, and even tho it's an amazing game with good visuals, design, interaction and character development, very often the combat difficulty is bat-shit-...
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Missing game textures on XP VM (Parallels 6)

I have an 1-year old 27'' iMac (8GB RAM) and am using Parallels Desktop 6 to virtualize a Windows XP installation. This is its dxdiag output: While Games like Civilization IV work without any ...
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Is there any way to get better deals when trading in Risen?

Can't seem to find any barter like skills...
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Is the progression between night and day time based or event based in Risen?

I haven't been playing for very long and I know it was daylight at one point, now I feel like night is taking forever! I can't tell if the sun cycle happened because I moved around or if it is just on ...
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In Risen, how do I brew beer?

I had one of the NPCs, Rhobart, teach me the Alchemy skill and explain me the recipe. But then, when I try to activate the Alchemy table, my character won't do anything.
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