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Riven is a point-and-click puzzle-solving game, the second installment in the Myst series of games from Cyan Studios.

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In Riven, why are there six marbles for five domes?

I know I'm caught up in a trivial detail, but everything else in Riven: The Sequel to Myst is wrapped up so neatly. A lot of what's encountered is tangentially explained in characters' journals. The "...
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How is the sequence of animals in the stone room on Riven supposed to be found?

To get into the Age of Tay, you have to solve the puzzle of the room with a circle of stones by pushing down in the correct order the stones bearing the image of certain animals, specifically these (...
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Why do the prison ages differ in Myst IV: Revelation compared to Myst and Riven?

In Myst, players quickly discover that the brothers Sirrus and Achenar are trapped in books, and they can see and communicate with the player through the book: I vaguely recall these being referred ...
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In Riven, does the chair with the round metal cage do anything?

On the initial island in Riven, there is a chair with a button and a lever on the arms and a metal cage that lowers around it. Does this chair actually do anything? I've never been able to connect ...
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Do I need to have played Myst in order to play Riven?

I finished Myst 15 years ago and I'm now ready for Riven. Do I need to remember the story of Myst to play Riven? Or are both games are independent?
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