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For questions relating to the use of roblox studio, the roblox app used to make roblox games

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How do I make a timer that when you first join, you have 15m to 5d until banned?

I'm making a roblox game where Time is Money. I need code that: Randomly chooses between 15 minutes to 5 days (7200 minutes) on top-center. When that timer runs out, you get banned for running out of ...
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How do I make maps that each have different lighting and atmosphere settings in Roblox Studio?

I am trying to make a game on Roblox Studio. It's a horror-ish kind of game with the gameplay taking place in rounds, with the map picked each round. The problem I am having is that some maps (like ...
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Why can't I play as my model properly?

I give up. It's not wotking. I can't move properly, I can't jump, my animation doesn't play and the output says "humanoid is not a valid member of Model "Workspace.olimolimolim443"&...
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How can I preserve the last frame of an animation such that it doesn't return to the default position after executing?

I'm trying to make an animation keep the last frame when it plays so it does not go back to the default position. This is the code I've got: local animation = script:WaitForChild('Dead') local ...
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How would I reduce lag in duplication of blocks on roblox?

I've recently attempted to create an infinite mining sandbox game in Roblox very similar to "Mining Simulator," "Treasure Hunt Simulator,""Dig It!""Fish n' Dig,"...
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How can I report a Roblox bug?

How can I report Roblox bugs? I have bugs to report and what is the best way to report bugs in a way they are most likely going to be fixed. I cannot go to the dev forum because I cannot find a new ...
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Testing your roblox game in the studio acts differently than actually playing it outside of the studio

I am trying to make a game in roblox studio. I do implement some features like swords that attack if you click. I use the test feature built in to roblox studio, and it works fine, but when I actually ...
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