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Why can't I identify some staves/rings in Rogue?

I am playing Rogue (the old ASCII dungeon-crawler, v5.4.4 from the Arch Linux repository). I have played Nethack in the past, but this is my first time trying the original Rogue. For some reason, when ...
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Roughly how long is a winning playthrough on Rogue? [duplicate]

I'm just wondering how long the game is if you finish it. Ordinarily, you just die.
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How to find strengths of weapons and armour in PC Rogue?

Everything about the game is "available" within the game. But how do I know what's better -- a mace, a longsword, two-handed sword? plate or ring mail, and how much do bonuses close the gap? I ...
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Where are the stairs?

After trying a lot of roguelikes, I decided I wanted to try the "trope namer": Rogue itself. Pretty soon, however, I found a problem. ---------------------- -----------...
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