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Sam & Max is a series of adventure games about freelance police officers Sam (a dog) and Max (a hyperactive rabbity thing). They were created by Steve Purcell.

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What is the "use" item in Sam and Max

This question bothers me since I was a kid. In Sam and Max - Hit the Road, what is the green thing in the "use" icon? Is it a duck? Is it a toy?
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Sam & Max 305: Eating Sal

From all the hints (especially the one saying "I just don't know what Stinky sees in Sal..."), I've gathered that I need to get the giant Max to eat Sal to get further in the game. I've even managed ...
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Where is Max hidden in Monkey Island 2?

An ongoing in-joke in the SCUMM-based LucasArts adventure games was hiding Max (from the Sam and Max comic, then later Sam and Max Hit the Road) in the scenery. He was never (or almost never) ...
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How can I get Sam & Max Hit the Road working on Windows XP?

The kids picked up a copy of Sam & Max Hit the Road, but I can't get it to install. What do I have to do?
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