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Scrap Mechanic is an open-world creative and survival game, where you build machines and logical creations using the "interactive" parts, such as the Bearing, Piston, Logic Gate, Timer, Controller, Engine, etc.

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How do I increase FOV above 90?

The in-game settings only lets you put the FOV at 90. Is there any way to increase this by editing the files?
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How do I show/hide the HUD in Scrap Mechanic?

I would like to hide my HUD so I can take some screenshots, however there is nothing in the controls menu for this. Is there a key combination or way to do this without any mods?
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What are the requirements for the green/gold crates to respawn in the game world?

My understanding is that the damaged green/gold crates occasionally respawn in the game world and that there is a low chance of them being gold instead of green. However, what defines when this ...
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How can I compact my Scrap Mechanic logic down?

Is there a way for me to more easily compact my logic? For example, Here I have this start to a 64bit ALU: I have no idea how I could just turn this into a 64-wide prism, but so often when you see ...