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Who did what for the original "Shadowgate" on Macintosh and NES?

I am trying to determine who were actually involved in making the classic "Shadowgate" game for the Macintosh, and its NES port. On MobyGames, I read: Staff: David Feldman, David Marsh, ...
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How do I get the runes in Normal difficulty?

In Shadowgate (2014), I'm in the Shadowgate castle on Normal difficulty (i.e. the easiest one without the time limit), and I'm afraid I'm stuck. When I ask Yorick for hints, he says this: The ...
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What's the difference between "Normal" and "Classic"?

What is the difference between Normal mode and Classic Mode? I initially thought maybe it was a difficulty setting, but after hemming and hawing over what to choose, I saw that the next game selection ...
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