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Keyboard configuration for shatter?

I just picked up Shatter for PC as part of Humble Indie Bundle 6. Some tips on the Steam Forums suggest that there's a way to change the default key bindings, but the configuration pane in the ...
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Is there a benefit to successfully handling more balls in the bonus levels?

Bonus levels in shatter begin with three balls in an empty field that you must strive not to drop for as long as possible (and that's quite the challenge as they constantly become faster). Since you ...
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4 votes
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Tips for getting better scores in Shatter

I've been playing a bit of Shatter here and there lately. Being somewhat competitive and a rather capable gamer, and seeing how the game informs me of my friends' scores on each level, my aim was to ...
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Save game files location for Shatter

I'm playing Shatter on Steam and I want to backup my saves, but I can't find the location of the save game files. Where are they?
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