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Shelter is a 2013 survival video game by "Might and Delight" where you play the role of a mother badger who must protect her cubs while traveling through the wilderness

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When I start the game, it's spinning around and is unplayable

Lately, when I start a new game of Shelter, the game is spinning wildly in one direction and is basically unplayable. How can I get this to stop?
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How can I get all five cubs up the river without dying?

In the third chapter, I can't seem to get my cubs up the river without one of them dying. It's always exactly one that dies, and the waves stop afterward. I'm trying to make it through the game ...
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Is it possible to complete Shelter without losing any cubs?

I am completely new to this game and I just finished the first part. So now I am at the night part, but I lost a cub at the first part. A bird took it. I was wondering if there is a way that I can get ...
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How is the health of your individual cubs represented in Shelter?

Is there a visual indicator for the health of your cubs in Shelter? I know the aesthetics of the game require a HUD-less experience, and as such there aren't any health meters present. Since the ...
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