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The first installment in the Silent Hill series. It is a third person survival horror video game that was released in 1999.

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Silent Hill 1 audio issues on emulator

A couple of years ago I got Silent Hill 1 for PS1, and I played it on my laptop thanks to the ePSXe emulator. I found something weird about the game: in the dialogue sequences there was no speech, I ...
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Why is Cybil with Harry in the graveyard after you beat Silent Hill?

When you finish the game, the title sequence is modified to show Cybil Bennet and Harry together in a graveyard, discovering a baby. Why, and what does this mean?
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Silent Hill: final boss with almost no ammo

So, I've been playing Silent Hill for the last two days and I finally got to the final boss, Samael (the one that attacks you with the blue lighting). Somehow I managed to get there with just a few ...
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In Silent Hill 1, what plot guides are there to get the best ending?

In the very first Silent Hill, a part of the game takes place inside a hospital. In the hospital director's office, a strange red liquid is spilled on the floor and you must collect it in an empty ...
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