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At what point is the ending locked in? I know that unlocking "Rebirth" forces me onto that path

At what point is the ending locked in? I know that unlocking "Rebirth" forces me onto that path. And Guide Dang It on TVTropes lists the requirements for the rest... But is there a way to ...
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How do I save in Silent Hill 2?

I started playing Silent Hill 2 through my PlayStation Now subscription. I got pretty far in to the game, and when I closed out of it, it made me restart the game. I've been far enough to load ...
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How to disable film grain in Silent Hill 2 on PS2?

The PC version has a "noise effect" setting, but is the option available on PS2? "Extra options" menu (access by pressing L1 or R1 in the "option" screen) has some additional settings, but more may be ...
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Who or what is Pyramid Head?

I've played almost the entire Silent Hill series, one of the games that impressed me the most is Silent Hill 2 not only by the twisted plot but by the most horrific antagonist, Pyramid Head. The thing ...
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How do I save and/or quit in Silent Hill 2 HD?

I am playing Silent Hill 2 from the Silent Hill HD Collection available for the X360. Simply put, I can't find a way to save or to quit to the main menu. Now I have played similar type of games ...
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How does the Silent Hill HD Collection compare to the original Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3?

Have the story, controls, or game mechanics changed? How were the graphics and voice acting changed?
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How can I get through the hospital basement with the woman alive?

I'm having a hard time playing on hard combat extra riddle in Silent Hill 2. In the hospital basement, the woman dies in three hits, even if I run all the way without bumping into a wall. Do I have to ...
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