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How to get "casual" uniform for Cybil in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories?

How do I get alternative - "casual" uniform for Cybil when I first meet her at restaurant in Silent Hill : Shattered Memories? How should I answer on Dr Kauffman questions and what is need ...
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Graphics and sound problems with Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on PCSX2?

I have some problems with my Silent Hill: Shattered Memories via PCSX2 Emulator. First problem is the audio in some cutscenes is missing or is choppy. And also some sequences in cutscenes have very ...
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Were the ending triggers for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories ever definitively discovered?

Particularly with regards to the Wicked and Weak ending, there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding what triggers them. For example, here's one YouTuber speaking in depth regarding their ...
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