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a 1993 platforming game by Sonic Team. Dr Robotnik has taken over and mechanized Little Planet, and sends Metal Sonic after Sonic and Amy. The duo must travel through time collecting the Time Stones to twart Robotnik's plan and restore Little Planet.

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How do I get the good future music in Sonic CD?

I will record all the music from the game Sonic CD but I noticed that Zone 3 of a level is the same music as the previous zones in the future. Can someone tell me how to get the good future music? I ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How can I get my Steam Game to Launch?

I just bought Sonic CD on my Steam account. Whenever I try to play it, A window opens up giving me two options: "Play Sonic CD", or "Video Setup." If I choose "Play Sonic CD", Steam will go to a ...
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