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a platform video game developed by Sonic Team. Sonic must partner up with his younger self in order to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds, free his friends and uncover the mystery behind the Time Eater, a mysterious entity who creates time holes. It was released for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo 3DS.

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How to discover the passwords for the Sonic Generations secret trophy room?

There is a secret trophy room in Sonic Generations. Once inside the trophy room, trophies are unlocked by inputting 6-digit codes. How can players discover such codes by their own? I'm not ...
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What is the difference between red and yellow springs?

In Sonic Generations, you can find two types of springs through the Classic levels: red and yellow. Is there any difference between the two kinds of springs, or is it only to confuse innocent gamers?
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Can you attack Time Eater as Classic Super Sonic?

It seems that I can only get close to and attack Time Eater as Modern Super Sonic. No matter how long I spend boosting as Classic Super Sonic, I can never seem to catch up with Time Eater. I can dodge ...
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