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a 2006 3D platform game developed by Sonic Team. Dr Eggman disrupts the Festival of the Sun's opening ceremony in Soleanna, seeking the Flames of Disaster from Princess Elise. Players can play as Sonic, Shadow and Silver as they race through time and space, their stories crossing and intertwining as they attempt to stop Dr Eggman and a fiery apocalypse-causing monster known as Iblis.

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How am I supposed to defeat Iblis (Silver's Story)?

This boss is extremely difficult. I know how to catch the huge fireball, but when I counter-attack with the huge fireball and he does the waves of flames, he destroys the entire foothold. When I ...
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What happens to Mephiles after you defeat Solaris and blow out his flame?

Today, my brother was playing Sonic 2006, and he beat it. At the end, it says what happens to everybody but Mephiles. Where did he go?
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Is there a solution to the extreme lag of Sonic 2006 on PS3?

Is there any way to make the Sonic the Hedgehog game run smooth enough for decent play on the PS3? It's unbearable, I've almost thrown the game out the window here. Every time a little bit of shadow ...
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