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Third-person action adventure for PlayStation Vita. Core mechanic is based on ability to sacrifice items, body parts or partners to unleash different attacks.

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A Complete Sigil Guide for SOUL SACRIFICE DELTA

Is there a complete walkthrough for unlocking all Sigils in Soul Sacrifice Delta? I have seen the wiki here, but it's still quite incomplete. The wiki is unclear on how to unlock some of the sigils,...
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How do I unlock the Lost Witch raiment?

The condition is "defeat Illecebra 3 times", I see that I've defeated Illecebra twice, but I've tried to defeat all Illecebras in Beginning of the End and Fading Humanity to no avail. Which Illecebra ...
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What are the pros and cons of Saving and Sacrificing

PS Vita's Soul Sacrifice gives us a choice of Sacrificing or Saving a foe (and allies also). Searching for the 'best' approach I found some controversial ideas of what is good or bad. So what are ...
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