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Spelunky is a 2D platformer roguelike with randomly generated levels and only one life. Use this tag for the "classic" version, which was released on PC in December of 2008.

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Any use for the interactive flare on the Title Screen of Spelunky Classic?

In Spelunky Classic, there's a flare on the title screen. I can throw on the words, but is there some use other than just for fun?
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When should I start sacrificing women at the altar?

In Spelunky, damsels randomly appear and can either be rescued for a health-restoring kiss or sacrificed at an altar to gain favour with Kali, who will give items as a reward If I'm low on health, ...
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Are the Spelunky Daily Challenges different on each platform?

I have Spelunky on PS4 and my friend got in on Steam. Yesterday we both played the daily challenge but felt we had different seeds. Are they the same on PS4 and Steam? Or are they different? If they ...
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What programming language was Spelunky HD written in? [closed]

I know the original Spelunky was written in the Game Maker language. (developed by YoyoGames, with the .gmk file extension)
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How do you get a Hired Hand to pick up a specific item?

In this other question, I asked how best to use Hired Hands. Apparently, their best use is to carry things (with a side order of "they set off arrow traps" and "fortunately, they don't live long"). So:...
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Acquiring a gun early without murdering innocent shopkeepers

One thing that I have noticed is that acquiring some form of gun, be it a pistol or shotgun, makes the early game in Spelunky far, far easier to handle. I have random luck with finding pistols in ...
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How to nab the golden idol on Spelunky Classic in Temple?

On the Temple Level of Spelunky Classic there is a "Prayers to Kali" level feeling where there is a damsel and an idol suspended over lava by a thin bridge. If you try to take the idol the floor falls ...
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How do I steal from a shopkeeper?

Shopkeepers provide a much needed service to Spelunky. Imagine getting stuck three blocks under a treasure trove. Or walking over the motherload of motherloads trapped in the dirt. Shopkeeper to the ...
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What is the difference between Spelunky and Spelunky HD?

What is the difference between two versions of the game? Are there any gameplay changed, or the graphics update is the only thing?
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How do I pay the Tunnel Man?

In the PC version of Spelunky, I don't know what buttons to press to pay the Tunnel Man. How can I pay him?
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Is there any way to have a shopkeeper or their friends forgive me?

I've managed to anger the shopkeeper or his friends in many ways in Spelunky by blowing them up unintentionally or destroying their shop with a boulder. I've had shopkeepers show up in other levels ...
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Is there a second location where Spelunky saves data?

Does anyone know where Spelunky saves the data that is not in the folder it extracts to? It seems like Spelunky doesn't let me move its folders to other computers and keep the shortcuts I worked so ...
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