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a 2007 FPS survival horror game by GSC Game World, published by THQ, loosely based on the real-world Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Humans have returned to 'The Zone' around Chernobyl searching for technology, artifacts, and scientific information. The Player wakes up in the Zone with amnesia and a PDA with a single order: 'Kill Strelok', and embarks on a quest to find Strelok and regain his memories in the process.

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I killed a hostile mercenary in the Bar area and now everybody is hostile there!

Strangely, a hostile Merc spawned in the Bar area. I shot him and I could hear the speakers saying that there is a murderer in the area. When I came back later, as soon as I enter the area, most NPCs ...
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What is the difference between the difficulty levels?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl has four difficulty levels, ranging from "novice" to "master":
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Stalker SOC missions retake after expiring

Am I able to retake (Get again) the mission after I failed with it??? (e.g. expiring time or just simple refuse the mission with the quest giver). I have no chance to succeed these quests: Find the ...
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How does the Complete 2009 Mod affect STALKER Shadows of Chernobyl

I recently purchased and installed STALKER - Shadows of Chernobyl. A little research demonstrated that community does not recommend to run this game without at least a basic, bug-fixing mod, but many ...
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How can I display fps count in STALKER:SoC?

I already found the console and tried things like fps 1, show_fps, /fps and /fps on, but nothing worked yet. I guess there is some command to display how many fps I have but how is it named? I use no ...
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Can I rest or speed up time?

Can I sleep, rest or somehow speed up the time? After several fruitless attempts to get back to the trader during the night, I have decided to stay at the hangar and try my luck the next I ...
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How do I get the code for the locked door at the bottom of the Brain Scorcher?

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, when you go into the Red Forest to turn off the Brain Scorcher, you descend into a secret laboratory, which is known as X-19. When you're at the bottom and ...
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