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Questions tagged [star-citizen]

The biggest crowd-funded game as well as the biggest budgetted space-sim ever. This real time space-sim from the creator of the Wing Commander series includes a full fledged Single Player campaign as well as a persistent MMO universe.

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1 answer

Unable to install Star Citizen 3.21 - Installer error

Using Delta Patcher v1.6.9 and game version 3.21.0-LIVE.8779972 the launcher is not able to install the game. A red popup is shown after pressing Install and accepting the early access disclaimer: ...
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3 answers

Buying the full Star Citizen Game

I am confused about ordering Star Citizen, does every ship purchase give access to the full game? I am reading in some places that the Aurora MR AC Starter and the Mustang Alpha AC starter are the ...
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Where/how can I fight stuff in the starter Mustang Alpha ship?

I purchased a starter package consisting of a Mustang Alpha ship. Whenever I travel to a Comm Array to do an open-world mission, it inevitably gets destroyed after only a few volleys. I've looked into ...
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Can you play Star Citizen at the moment?

I played the demo update they released where you were in the hangar. Is that over? It's telling me that I need to have a game package. I searched their site and am still a little curious as to how you ...
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Am I able to fly a multi-crew vessel on my own?

In Star Citizen, there are several ships you can 'pre-order' and try out in their Arena Commander module. Some of them feature multiple crew members. If I were to purchase the Redeemer, for example,...
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What is the minimum cost for alpha access?

Star Citizen has a link on their homepage that says "Reserve Your Alpha Slot." However, clicking it simply takes you to their store's main page, which has no information regarding which purchases ...
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Is the ball turret on the F7C-M Super Hornet movable in Star Citizen?

Is the ball turret on the F7C-M Super Hornet already movable in the Star Citizen? If yes, how do you control it?
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