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How to fix the camera position relative to the player in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

I play video games at my PC with mostly mouse and keyboard and use controller only for games that don't require precision (like car games and Fifa). Recently I started to play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen ...
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What is the quickest way to kill the Ninth Sister?

Yes, it is easy to kill the ninth sister with time and patience, but I need a fast and reliable way to do this if I want to speedrun the Kashyyyk level. Preferably something that uses the single ...
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From Which song come the 40 seconds that Cal listens to on Bracca at the beginning of the game?

When you start a new game, Cal is listening to a song that - at least to me - sounds extremely like The Hu. However, I fail to recognize the specific song, and it is not part of the regular sound ...
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How do I go back to get Force Push on Zeffo after advancing, not knowing I needed it?

So, I’m on Zeffo and am at a point where I should already have air push (it’s where you fight the tomb guardian. The first time?) and didn’t realize there was somewhere else I needed to go. I decided ...
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Why does Jedi: Fallen Order runs so smooth?

disclaimer: I'm new to PC gaming and this question may be dumb, but I couldn't find anything online Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order isn't a game known for its optimization. My friend, playing with a ...
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How do edge cases work in the Fallen Order restore system (aka getting your XP back when you die)?

Okay, so after missing the explanation in the tutorial (and not being a Dark Souls player), I finally figured out how the whole, "losing XP when you die and getting it back" (aka the "Restore System") ...
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Are there any areas that become sealed off during the course of the game?

On just about every planet, there are areas that are inaccessible until your character learns specific abilities such as wall run or force push. However, are there any areas that are initially ...
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How do I get up the slippery slope between the two ridged walls in Bogano?

In the Subterranean area of Bogano, your character learns how to wall run pretty much right next to a massive slope that you can't run up that is nestled in between two really tall walls that are ...
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