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Questions tagged [starcraft-series]

Use this tag for questions about the series of Starcraft games. For questions about individual games, please use their respective tag instead.

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1 answer

How where there different personalities if all protoss were connected by the Khala?

As already can be heard in the Legacy of the Void opening cinematics, Artanis defines the Khala as "The sacred union of our every thought and emotion”. However, through the games we are lead to ...
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2 answers

Are Terran Units cloned? Where do they come from?

Unlike the Protoss who teleport in, or the Zerg who hatch from larvae, Terrans come in space ships. Presumably, their command center contains many, many people living inside. But then you can ...
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9 votes
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Is the Cerebrate player-character in Brood War still alive?

At the beginning of the Zerg portion of Starcraft: Brood War, Kerrigan tells you (a Cerebrate) that she "freed you from the control of the Overmind", and that she would let you live if you "served her ...
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Is it ever explained in universe how the three races can use the same resources?

It is somewhat feasible to assume that Terrans and Protoss use the same Materials for building their stuff. But how do the Zerg fit into this? It seems strange to me that the Zerg use the very same ...
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What do those abbreviations mean in Starcraft?

A friend of mine asked what some abbreviations in SC mean, and I couldn't answer like DT Wall Gas the Opponent Heavy Metal Joyo build BCs CCMU chobo and a couple of others ... (I'm gonna ask him ...
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2 answers

Did the Xel'Naga ever interact with the Terrans?

Apart from the Fallen One, is any indication given in the games that the Xel'Naga have interacted with the Terrans? I would think that they would have been a prime target for the Xel'Naga to ...
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3 answers

Are any other significant beings encountered in the StarCraft games?

So far in the games/lore I believe we encounter Terrans Zerg Protoss Xel'Naga "God" (The Voice in the Darkness) But I've been reading about the Xel'Naga and the species they tried to "uplift" before ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Are Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan romantically involved before Wings of Liberty?

I have played through Starcraft, Starcraft Broodwar and Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty. Yet I do not know if Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan had some kind of real love relationship. Sure there was some ...
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2 answers

Why don't StarCraft's nukes have a larger blast radius?

Is there in-game lore to explain why are nuclear bombs so weak in StarCraft? The scale of the explosion and the amount of damage done seems very limited compared to what is commonly associated with ...
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