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Lifeline is the second State of Decay DLC, released 2014-06-06. In Lifeline, the player will play the role of a military unit by the name of Greyhound One in Danforth City, as opposed to Trumbull Valley from the original game, and focuses on the military's point of view of the apocalypse.

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Does State of Decay's DLC change the base game

Are the new features added in the DLC added into the base game as well, or does the base game remain unchanged? I know the 1st DLC is a non-story based DLC and the 2nd one is from the Army's ...
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How does the 'Basic Training' trait and the 'Special Forces' trait work?

Most soldiers have the 'Basic Training' trait: ...while there are some with the 'Special Forces' trait: How do these traits affect the soldiers who have them? Do those two traits have any ...
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