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A handheld gaming computer developed by Valve in cooperation with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), released on February 25, 2022

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How to be certain that games or other apps in the SteamOS Discover center are legitimate?

When you launch the Steam Deck in desktop mode, the UI by default contains a shortcut to something called "Discover Software Center". My experience with Linux-based system is very limited, ...
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How much faster is the Steam Deck's NVMe SSD than the eMMC or SD card options?

The 256GB and 512GB Steam Decks are advertised with faster storage (NVMe SSD) than the 64GB version's eMMC internal storage. But I read that the eMMC storage read times are more or less comparable ...
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Does the Steam Deck preorder page tell you when your reservation is ready for purchase?

This question is primarily aimed at people who were already able to purchase the Steam Deck they placed a reservation for, or just anyone who has seen or knows the exact process. As far as I ...
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