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Questions tagged [steam-in-home-streaming]

Use this tag when using Steam's in-home streaming features for playing games on a different PC over the network within your house. Use [steam-broadcasting] for 'streaming' gameplay footage to the public internet.

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18 votes
4 answers

Can I stream non-Steam games using Steam's In-Home Streaming?

So Steam can now stream in-home. Does this only work with games tied to the Steam account, or can I play games added via the "Add non-Steam game" feature? Example: If I have Star Wars: The Old ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Can I play a game and stream it at the same time ? (Steam in-home streaming)

I have a crappy PC and a very powerful one. My girlfriend and I would like to play Overwatch together, I know I can stream non-steam games, but can I stream the game to the crappy computer via steam's ...
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