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a Debian-based operating system made by Valve that comes pre-installed with the Steam client and is designed primarily for gaming. This tag should be used when the question is about a feature unique to SteamOS, or when the question references a multi-platform game and the question or issue is unique to the SteamOS version.

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How to be certain that games or other apps in the SteamOS Discover center are legitimate?

When you launch the Steam Deck in desktop mode, the UI by default contains a shortcut to something called "Discover Software Center". My experience with Linux-based system is very limited, ...
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Can steamOS and steam Link run simultaneously using one PC?

I have converted a Dell Optiplex 760 to a SteamOS machine. Can I run both SteamOS and Steam Link simultaneously using one PC?
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6 votes
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Config file location for Civlization V on Linux

On Linux-family systems, where are the files that store user configuration (particularly pertaining to resolution) found? I've been looking over the usual suspects (~/.steam, the game installation ...
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Increase size of some fonts in HL-2 Deathmatch

I've just built a steamos machine and have HL2-Deathmatch running perfectly. Unfortunately some of the smallest fonts are too small to see on the TV (highlighted in red): How do I increase the size ...
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21 votes
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Can Steam OS/Steambox run Windows games?

So before asking this here I did some research and I found some answers but I have no idea what's right. The official page of Steam box says: You can play all your Windows and Mac games on your ...
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