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Connection problem when trying to play Steep online

I have the game Steep which I got while a promotion made it free to install for a limited time and to keep it permanently. I have played other games online without any problems including on Steam ...
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How to resolve PS4-controller issues in Steep on Windows?

I‘m using a Dualshock controller with my Windows gaming computer. In this post I described how this is done and it also represents my current setup. However, while this works just fine with most of my ...
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How to land cleanly in Steep?

Most of my jumps with snowboard and skis land harshly (the rider stumbles and the game's g-force meter spikes). Is there anything I can do to ensure a clean landing? About jumps: prepare the ...
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How does exploring work in Steep?

There is an achievement for getting 100% explored but im not sure how this works. I assume they don't expect you to move across every inch of the mountains, its confusing me.
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